An Upstart Project: My Interview with David Bruno of Sekai Project

Recently, I sat down with David Bruno of Sekai Project, a rising newcomer in the American video game market. From discussing the publisher’s history to their latest projects as well as discussions on the rise of Japanese visual novel’s popularity in America and their dual distribution method, we discussed it all.  Enjoy!

Root Double-Before Crime*After Days Xtend Edition Kickstarter:

Thunderclap Page for Root Double:

Rabi-Rabi on Steam:


Sekai 1

Hanging with Mr. Huber: My Interview with Chuck Huber

Awhile back, I sat down with  one of the more interesting voice actors in the industry today, Chuck Huber. From discussing his inspiration for the voice of Emperor Pilaf to being  part of the Star Trek Continues franchise to his thoughts on voice actors being typecast, we discussed it all. Enjoy.

Chuck Huber