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Selling the Sound: My Interview with Aki Glancy aka EmpathP of VOCAMERICA

Tonight, I have a special treat for you all. I sat down with Aki Glancy (EmpathP) of the recently very successful Kickstarter project, VOCAMERICA: The Western VOCALOID Concert Project. We discussed her history with VOCALOID and her latest work, which utilized her own original Vocaloids. From the impact of the program on Western audiences to the specific mechanics, we talked about it all. Enjoy!

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Music That Moved The Clouds: My Interview with Trammell Starks

Awhile back, I sat down with an artist who has stirred my artistic sentiments through the years, Trammel Starks. He is the famed composer of the music that made the Local Forecasts on the Weather Channel iconic for their time. It was a privilege to speak with him.



A Studio With A View: My Interview With Wyatt Clark

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile but I’m back and Black Flag. I sat down last week with one of the most fascinating artists I’ve met in recent years, Wyatt Clark. We spoke while I was visiting his studio in Woodbridge, VA, discussing subjects from his latest works to his many muses as well as his upcoming exhibition in Portsmouth later this week.

(He’s soft spoken, so you may want to raise your volume)