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An Upstart Project: My Interview with David Bruno of Sekai Project

Recently, I sat down with David Bruno of Sekai Project, a rising newcomer in the American video game market. From discussing the publisher’s history to their latest projects as well as discussions on the rise of Japanese visual novel’s popularity in America and their dual distribution method, we discussed it all.  Enjoy!

Root Double-Before Crime*After Days Xtend Edition Kickstarter:

Thunderclap Page for Root Double:

Rabi-Rabi on Steam:


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Hanging with Mr. Huber: My Interview with Chuck Huber

Awhile back, I sat down with  one of the more interesting voice actors in the industry today, Chuck Huber. From discussing his inspiration for the voice of Emperor Pilaf to being  part of the Star Trek Continues franchise to his thoughts on voice actors being typecast, we discussed it all. Enjoy.

Chuck Huber


Getting Dunbar’s Number: My Interview with Charles Dunbar

I recently had the privilege to speak with one of the more scholarly fans out there today, the one and only Charles Dunbar. From discussing his notable (or notorious, as the case may be ) scholarly work on fan conventions to the state of modern music in America, we covered a lot of interesting ground. Enjoy!



The Big Kahuna of Anime: My Interview with Tokyopop’s Stu Levy

Recently I had the great honor and privilege to sit down with Stu Levy, Founder and CEO of Tokyopop as well as one of the trailblazing individuals who put anime and manga on the map in the United States.  From discussing the roller coaster history of the company he founded to his thoughts on the synergy of Japanese and American culture in animation and graphic novels as well as paradoxes of intellectual property, Stu told it as only a master of the art could. Enjoy!


The Power of Parody: My Interview with Interrobang Studios

Awhile back, I sat down with the folks at Interrobang Studios, another group I met at Katsucon 2015. From discussions on their many comic franchises to discussions on intellectual property in the world of fandom, we discussed it all.  Come see them at Anime St. Louis on April 17-19.  Enjoy!


Back in Black: My Interview with Olivia Black

Recently, I sat down with model/actress Olivia Black, who I first met awhile ago when I was establishing my media presence on the internet. From her work with Suicide Girls to her efforts with Catholic Worker to better the lives of the less fortunate, we discussed it all. Enjoy!


A Space for Cosplayers- My Interview with Studio Cosplay

I sat down this evening with the ladies from Studio Cosplay, a non-profit group aspiring to create a makerspace for cosplayers in the DC Metro Area. It was an honor and privilege to speak with them and on their endeavor. There are only a few days left for their Kickstarter campaign, so please support this grand community project.



Kickstarter (a Kickstarter Staff Pick project):


Talking By Moonlight- An Evening with Charlene Ingram of Viz Media

I recently sat down with Viz Media’s Charlene Ingram to discuss her various projects, including the classic series, Sailor Moon, which she considered to be a dream come true. I also discussed her journey from amateur to professional anime aficionado. From comparisons between Classic and Crystal to discussions on censorship and dubbing, it was an outstanding interview.


In The Name Of The Moon #3- Anthony and Tiffany of @Productions

I recently sat down with my fellow filmmakers, Tiffany and Anthony of @t Productions, to discuss their latest project, In The Name Of The Moon, a documentary about the distinguished Sailor Moon cosplay group, La Soldier Cosplay, as well as a general discussion of anime and filmmaking among other topics.

If you like what you hear, come and join us in Washington, D.C.  on November 16th for the premiere of this fantastic movie.



Company Website:

La Soldier Cosplay:

In The Name Of The Moon Premiere: