Mastering the Manga: My Interview with Mangaka-Chan

Awhile back, I sat down with a fan artist whose work has truly fascinated me for some time. Mangaka-Chan is the creator of the dojin series Sailor Moon: Future Generation, a fan-made tribute to the classic anime series. We discussed a multitude of topics from her fan fiction series itself to the many issues surrounding the medium. Enjoy!




Sebastian Speaks: My Interview with J. Michael Tatum

I recently sat down with J. Michael Tatum, one of the most recognized voices in anime today (especially for being “one hell of a butler”). From discussing the inspiration for each his characters to his role reversing journey from fanboy to famous. I must say I enjoyed every golden second of this interview. Enjoy!


Getting Dunbar’s Number: My Interview with Charles Dunbar

I recently had the privilege to speak with one of the more scholarly fans out there today, the one and only Charles Dunbar. From discussing his notable (or notorious, as the case may be ) scholarly work on fan conventions to the state of modern music in America, we covered a lot of interesting ground. Enjoy!



Support the Maids!!!

Hello all, I am writing you all today to inform you about a really exciting project. The ladies of My Cup of Tea, a maid cafe at Anime USA, are holding a fundraiser project to help improve this year’s cafe at Anime USA 2015. Their proposal, a calender of everyone’s favorite maids. Considering these gals volunteer their time to make our convention experience more enjoyable and fun, let give it up for these ladies to improve their little venture.

And now a word from Maid Reina:


Project Page:

Facebook Page:


The Big Kahuna of Anime: My Interview with Tokyopop’s Stu Levy

Recently I had the great honor and privilege to sit down with Stu Levy, Founder and CEO of Tokyopop as well as one of the trailblazing individuals who put anime and manga on the map in the United States.  From discussing the roller coaster history of the company he founded to his thoughts on the synergy of Japanese and American culture in animation and graphic novels as well as paradoxes of intellectual property, Stu told it as only a master of the art could. Enjoy!


Blazing and Biting Fandom: My Interview with Barracuda Cosplay

Recently, I sat down with my friend Barri from Barracuda Cosplay. We discussed her many cosplay projects as well as a few other topics, including her convention work with some very important people in the anime industry. Enjoy!


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Trendsetting Magic: An Interview with Pixie Belle Cosplay

I recently sat down with my friend Pixie from Pixie Belle Cosplay. We discussed her many cosplay projects, including several trendsetting ones, as well as a few other topics. Enjoy!

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