The Power of Parody: My Interview with Interrobang Studios

Awhile back, I sat down with the folks at Interrobang Studios, another group I met at Katsucon 2015. From discussions on their many comic franchises to discussions on intellectual property in the world of fandom, we discussed it all.  Come see them at Anime St. Louis on April 17-19.  Enjoy!


No Flutter In Her Fuku: My Interview with Cassimonee Cosplay

At Katsucon 2015, I spoke with my good friend Cassandra of Cassimonee Cosplay. We discussed her latest costume, a rendition of Sailor Jupiter from NoFlutter’s Sailor Senshi artworks, as well as a number of other fandom subjects. Check it out.

Cassimonee Cosplay:

Second photo courtesy of Gerry Francisco



Coloring In The Characters: My Interview with Color Me Kawaii

Awhile back, I sat down with my friend, Renee of Color Me Kawaii Cosplay. You may remeber her from my Anime USA 2014 interview with the gals from the My Cup of Tea maid cafe. We talked about her various cosplay projects, her thoughts on them, and much more. Enjoy!

Color Me Kawaii Cosplay:

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The King of the Badass Cosplayers: My Interview with King Seras Cosplay

Awhile back, I sat down with a good friend I have worked with a several conventions now, King Seras Cosplay. Despite many technical difficulties, we had a wonderful conversation covering subjects such as cosplay asethetics, gender in cosplay, fandom, and more. Enjoy!

King Seras Cosplay:


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Breaking the Cosplay Mold: An Interview with Ger Tysk

At Katsucon 2015, I sat down with Ger Tysk, author of the book Breaking All The Rules: Cosplay and The Art of Self Expression. We spoke about cosplay through the years, the controversies in the community, her thoughts on the aesthetics of cosplay, and her own projects. If like what you hear, be sure to check out the book in the link below. Enjoy!

Book Site:


Venus-Powered Work: My Interview with Cherami Leigh

I recently sat down with Cherami Leigh, the voice of Lizzy on Black Butler and Sailor Venus in the Viz Media redub of the classic series, Sailor Moon. We discussed the voice acting business, fandom through the years, and, as a special treat for fans of Sebastian Michaelis and Francis Bonnefoy (France/Hetalia), a discussion on J. Michael Tatum. It was an honor and privilege to do this interview. Enjoy!


Falling Into Orbit: My Interview With Neptune Suicide

I recently sat down with my new friend and fellow Moonie, Neptune Suicide, to discuss her modelling and cosplay work. She also discussed her thoughts on many classic series and her perspectives on the fandom world in general. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Back in Black: My Interview with Olivia Black

Recently, I sat down with model/actress Olivia Black, who I first met awhile ago when I was establishing my media presence on the internet. From her work with Suicide Girls to her efforts with Catholic Worker to better the lives of the less fortunate, we discussed it all. Enjoy!


Music That Moved The Clouds: My Interview with Trammell Starks

Awhile back, I sat down with an artist who has stirred my artistic sentiments through the years, Trammel Starks. He is the famed composer of the music that made the Local Forecasts on the Weather Channel iconic for their time. It was a privilege to speak with him.



A Space for Cosplayers- My Interview with Studio Cosplay

I sat down this evening with the ladies from Studio Cosplay, a non-profit group aspiring to create a makerspace for cosplayers in the DC Metro Area. It was an honor and privilege to speak with them and on their endeavor. There are only a few days left for their Kickstarter campaign, so please support this grand community project.



Kickstarter (a Kickstarter Staff Pick project):


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